A few weeks ago, my 6 months of the MKE (Master Key Experience) came to an end.  However, I became a lifetime member and enrolled in their Think & Grow Rich course, of which started this past week.  As a lifetime member of MKE, we continue our studies and good habits through July, and then, we get to take part of the next class starting in September and start the process all over again.

Think & Grow Rich is a book by Napoleon Hill.  It’s not really a book, it’s a course in how to become rich, using the practices of the most wealthiest, successful, and powerful business people that Napoleon interviewed, and, with the information that he received, he made public how to think your way to riches.   There are 13 parts that we will learn and put to use to gain our obsessions.

I look forward to these lessons.  I read the book years ago and I also have his book, “The Laws of Success” that preceded Think & Grow Rich.  Back then, I just read the book and didn’t do any of the exercises.  Over the next 3 months, I will be doing the exercises.  This course is somewhat similar to and is a mini study of the MKE.  There are habits to be made and kept.  We retake the Color Code test- this time, I am a White.  We retake a self assessment test and will repeat it at the end of the course.  We write up a new DMP (Definite Major Purpose), partake in weekly webinars, readings, being accountable for our actions or inactions.

I welcome you to come along with me, continuing this journey to becoming the best that I can be…