When we get thirsty, we drink water. Hungry, nourishment to keep us going for a while and making us stronger, better. Clearing the mind of clutter and unnecessary problems is not healthy and can strip us of our joy and fulfillment.

Just as a junk food diet of empty calories can suffocate potentially good behaviors like exercise, so too, mulling over things we can’t control can cloud the good stuff we have going in. We educate, challenge, and surround ourselves with goodness, but when we are hit with a dilemma we stalemate. Here are some ways you can release the negative energy, reduce the seepage and renew with the positive thought processes, enabling and stabling growth.

One way to work through the problem is to write it out. One column for issues and impact, the other for resolution and timeframe allowances may help. Another way to reduce the impact on your mind and spirit is to ask for help in resolving the issue(s) relevant to you personally. Remember, it’s ok to be a friend, however, taking over or absorbing others problems is really not the best way to be a friend.

Aiding or leading someone towards a workable solution may mean taking a step back, evaluating your own limitations to knowing when to walk away if the help you are offering is either rejected or seems to be drawing you in deeper. Helping doesn’t mean drowning. Use common sense and caution so you keep your sanity and retain a friendship.

Getting unstuck is a process and you must be able to identify level of needs, starting with your own. Happy mind, happy life, happy career-sounds good to me!