“Pain Free on the Wellness Path”

Len’s Reiki sessions are a must and regular item on my proactive staying healthy “senior” calendar. Since I am 68 years old & very active, being pain free & mobile is a priority for me.

My Reiki sessions with Len, began when I had some excruciating leg pain. I was having a difficult time walking and going up stairs, etc. My internist recommended Reiki, deep tissue message and integrated trauma therapy. They all worked. I felt the most pain relief, however, from my Reiki sessions. I was soon able to start back working out in a limited manner with my trainer.
I am fortunate to have such a great integrated wellness team. It is important to point out, that being pain free, due to Len’s Reiki sessions, is vital to participating in all the other therapies. It is hard to do anything well if you are suffering from pain.

Len has a very nurturing, calming, attentive, and positive approach to his Reiki sessions. He is very professional, conscientious and communicates well as a practitioner. The sessions take place in a room scented pleasantly with healing essential oils. The table is comfortable and firm. Relaxing music is played during the session. I am always shocked when the session is over, it goes by so fa