“Pain Free on the Wellness Path”

Len’s Reiki sessions are a must and regular item on my proactive staying healthy “senior” calendar. Since I am 68 years old & very active, being pain free & mobile is a priority for me.

My Reiki sessions with Len, began when I had some excruciating leg pain. I was having a difficult time walking and going up stairs, etc. My internist recommended Reiki, deep tissue message and integrated trauma therapy. They all worked. I felt the most pain relief, however, from my Reiki sessions. I was soon able to start back working out in a limited manner with my trainer.
I am fortunate to have such a great integrated wellness team. It is important to point out, that being pain free, due to Len’s Reiki sessions, is vital to participating in all the other therapies. It is hard to do anything well if you are suffering from pain.

Len has a very nurturing, calming, attentive, and positive approach to his Reiki sessions. He is very professional, conscientious and communicates well as a practitioner. The sessions take place in a room scented pleasantly with healing essential oils. The table is comfortable and firm. Relaxing music is played during the session. I am always shocked when the session is over, it goes by so fast. Being a very analytical person, I have absolutely no idea how this type of therapy works. More importantly, my applied science side of me is so grateful that it does! I even did long distance Reiki therapy when I was on vacation. Be sure and consult Len on this option. Len has a number of reasonably priced packages depending on your needs.

My next healing adventure with Len, will be discovering how healing essential oil therapy works. I highly recommend adding Len’s Reiki sessions to your wellness program.

-Margaret M., Avon, CT

I recently had an amazing Reiki session with Len, who is a highly skilled Reiki Master. By the end of the session, I was so relaxed. If you are in need of stress-reduction, I highly recommend booking a session with Len.

– Kristina M., Farmington, CT

Thank you, Leonard, and the rest of my Reiki family! I had a bio-metric screening at work today and all numbers are at or below where they need to be. I think that was my best blood pressure yet!

– Ellen L., Coventry, CT

Mr. Diana, as ever, it is such a pleasure to have someone do such a beautiful job as you. The world needs a lesson from you. What a wonderful world it would be. Thanks for being a part of our team.

– Barbara S. – Lancaster, PA

I know Len both as one of our students of Reiki and also as a Reiki practitioner. Len’s skills as an Advanced Reiki practitioner are amazing. I have found his treatments to be very relaxing, healing on both physical and emotional level, as well as spiritual. I highly recommend Len!
– Lisa Huppert, RMT, Co-owner of Serenity Grove Wellness Center – Coventry, CT

Thank you, Leonard Diana! Your true gift is the way that you treat everyone you meet with the utmost love and compassion. People are drawn to your gentle nature, and it puts them at ease in order for them to relax and self-heal. Thank you again for the Reiki tonight. I feel great! – – Donna G. – Hartford, CT

Before I met Len, I was in search of clarity about my business and the next steps to take to success. After working together for a short period, I gained more clarity and confidence about my business, what I offer and who my perfect clients are. I’m glad I made the decision to work with Len. I gladly recommend him to anyone who seeks clarity and client attraction on speed dial. Thank you for the work done together so far and what is still to come.

Tayo Okunola, Founder of “The Brand You Love” – Dusseldorf, Germany

“After being introduced to the Strategic Synchronicity process, I have clearer vision of the contribution I am to make in creating value for the customers, employees, and other stakeholders of Shell Services International. My Strategic Attraction Plans truly guide the most perfect people and events to me easily and effortlessly.”

– Patty W. – Santa Fe, NM

“A soulful approach to marketing yourself, your company, and what you love to do best. Essential for those who want to bring their spirituality to work.”

– Richard B.

“Having been in business for over thirty years, I was surprised to learn of an approach to better marketing that I’d not heard before. I am clearly convinced that, by adopting the Strategic Synchronicity philosophy, all companies can improve their effectiveness and, more importantly, the bottom line. I am still amazed at the simplicity of the approach; but then aren’t the best ideas always the simplest?”

– Robert F., PhD

“Len, The Lighthouse- who caused a whole movement of new SACAT! Thank you for being the light”

– Jan S., Visionary/Founder of “Attracting Perfect Customers” and “Beeing Attraction”- Santa Fe, NM

“I had never thought about who my perfect customer is, but now I know. I’m getting more of my perfect clients coming to me.”

“Len, I feel like I found the missing puzzle piece with Module 2! Thank you!”

“The Persistent Coach”

“The Flood Gate Opener”

– Cheryl C. – Plantsville, CT

When I started my journey with Len and Fit4Love, I was somewhat apprehensive. After some relationships that ended leaving me feeling quite scarred, I felt as though my decision making skills, when it came to choosing a partner, weren’t up to par. I was content with being alone. We started our Fit4Love journey slowly, reviewing my past relationships and habits. As we moved through the exercises and activities, I was able to open up more about what I wanted and how the past and future reflected that. We began to set out a visible and workable plan to get me to what I truly wanted, not just a superficial version of a loving relationship. I now have a step by step plan and the ability to know if someone is for me or not. In the end, I felt much more confident and hopeful about finding lasting love.

– Nadirah P. – Maryland, USA

I had been feeling scattered and unfocused and I wanted some clarity, guidance, and accountability. I was familiar with Len’s coaching style, having worked with him earlier. The “wouldn’t-it-be-nice” exercise was surprisingly simple. The part of me that wanted change, took over almost from the start. I felt measurably better afterwards. Even wrote out the things I was saying. Then, Len shared a personal practice he does himself. If you need focus & want results, Len will hold your intention while supporting your efforts.

Win/Win! – Dan B. – Maryland, USA

At home, my wife and I were having troubles and at work, there was a lot of negativity and coworkers weren’t getting along. While taking Len’s Law Of Attraction master class, I put to use the exercises that I have learned from the CDs along with the group’s interactions, my home life and work life have improved. Being positive and feeling good changed the energy in both of my situations. I went from being a skeptic to a believer in the Law Of Attraction.

– Paul B. – Connecticut, USA

Pardeep’s issue at hand: I have BBA and recently completed MBA major H.R and minor in marketing. I am looking for the job previous 1 month, but I am not able to get a good job because of freshers and somehow my key skills. I am feeling irritated and feeling uncomfortable- then what I can do.

Conclusion: After taking your suggestion, I have got a good job. Thanx.

– Pardeep Y.– Gurgaon, Haryana, India

I’m in same well school job. I’m feeling tired and want to do new but hard to do. I want to do new one. I can’t change my life by job. I trust you because you are genuine, too. Thanks, friend, for your mental help.

– Herald T. – Nepalgunj, Nepal, India