insteadofwishingInstead of wishing your life was different, wish for courage, strength, motivation, and a great sense of humour.  With all those things, you can change it yourself… to change your current life’s situations, you need to make changes in your life.  These changes come from you- take the responsibility.  Own it.  Wishing for changes to happen without putting it into action just won’t do it.

Have the courage to know that changes want to be made- if you are not happy financially, with work/your career, your relationship status, or whatever, realize it and start to prepare for the changing processes.

Have the strength to push through it all during these changes.  It’s not a point A to point B route, but a route with green lights and red lights, curves, turns, and bumps in the road.  Don’t let them deter or stop you.  Make them challenges to overcome and celebrate after each win along the way.

Keep yourself motivated by seeing the light at the end of the road- having a burning desire to see these changes being made and motivated throughout the process.  Think, be, do, and emote with positivity.  Feel good now and continue to feel better.  Ignore the negativity that will try to get you off track, whether it comes from the news, your family, or your friends.

Have a sense of humour at all times- this will make any bump in the road less worrisome and easier to overcome and the speed through the straight ways.  It will allow you to be high spirited and the vibrations will spread.  After all, laughter is the best medicine.

Just know that you can do it, but it starts with you, the changes must come from within you first- take the responsibility for your current situation(s), be responsible and take control every step of the way.  Stay heart-centered and listen to your intuition.

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