A.I.M.- Aspire. Intend. Manifest.

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A.I.M. – Aspire. Intend. Manifest.

The A.I.M. program process focuses on your strengths and your career needs and wants. There are critical steps that build on each other to help you find the career that you will enjoy and look forward to doing.

Clarity in Your Career

The result is a fresh, informed, and intentional approach to career hunting. With well-defined values and clarity in what YOU want in a career.- never again feel uncertain about whether you’re in the right work experience or not.

This is for you if…

  • You are unemployed- were laid off or fired (it doesn’t matter why)
  • You have a job and not happy/hate it- over stressed, dread going to work every day, look forward to the weekends, work more than 5 days a week and/or more than 50 hours weekly…
  • You are a Veteran and looking for work/a new career
  • You have graduated from high school or college and looking for work/a career
  • You are looking for self-employment opportunities
  • You are serious in making a positive change in your current lifestyle

Tailored to You

I will tailor the program to meet your needs. With this program, you’ll follow 10 detailed modules and create your Strategic Attraction Plan with 12- one to one coaching sessions. You will master these important techniques each week.

You’ll start the program by uncovering old behaviors and old habits that have kept you choosing the same types of work experiences over and over again. You’ll learn why your past work experiences were destined to fail from the beginning, and then, the really exciting part- exactly what you can do to keep this from ever happening again.
In this module, you’ll learn the techniques to categorize your past work experience problems into common patterns. You’ll learn why you’ve been attracted to certain types of work and how to make the changes to find the work career of your dreams.
This is a game-changing session where you’ll learn how to be completely present and not lost in the fantasy of thinking this is your perfect career on the first few days. You’ll learn to become aware of possible red flags and to consciously decide whether or not you should even have second thoughts about continuing. It’s so empowering.
This allows you to connect with who you are and how much you have to offer. You’ll be able to look at your Strengths Inventory before you apply for work so you’ll never settle for less, again. Not only will your self-confidence increase dramatically, making you more appealing to others, and you’ll know deep down inside that you deserve that perfect career.
This is about exploring the core values you’re looking for in your work experience. You’ll learn why careers that are based on values succeed and why those that aren’t, don’t. You’ll also examine what happens when you compromise your values, so you’ll never allow that to happen again.
This is where you’ll build a team of trusted family, friends, and colleagues who will support you in staying true to your values. When you have accountability and people cheering you on, you’re a lot less likely to repeat past patterns. You’ll also have a team in your corner, helping you make important career decisions.
Now, it’s time to learn where to find your perfect work experience. In this module, you’ll learn about several career resources so you’re never lost about where to look for work. We’ll explore the right-in-your-face opportunities, as well as the hidden areas, including your own employment opportunity.
In this module, you’ll learn the several skills and attitudes you must have to find work. You’re probably already using some of these skills in other areas of your life and have just never thought about applying to your career. You’ll analyze your social skills and identify what you want to improve.
You’re going to create an action plan for improving your skills. There are some fun exercises for this and it won’t even seem like work. Remember, every event is an opportunity for you to practice these skills.
This is an important screening, too, and will help you to instantly recognize red flags at work. By paying attention to these warning signs, you’ll never make those same mistakes again.