Our Tapping Into Wealth Coaching Program

As a Tapping Into Wealth Coach, when it comes to wealth coaching, I help people and entrepreneurs overcome limiting beliefs, fears, and self-esteem issues to greatly increase their wealth.

Money has a mind/body component. Looking within for answers, facing old memories, and/or limiting beliefs, allows you to harness this and find your personal mind/body connection. The rewards can reflect enormously in your bank account.

We will design your personalized Money Map by discussing the 5 types of money, followed by Tapping exercises that will help clear out your limiting beliefs. We then delve into 7 modules helping you release your financial gap and goal traumas, allowing you to use your confidence and brilliance to make outrageous goals that you deserve.

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What you get with Tapping into Wealth coaching:

  • Free Breakthrough Session (private)
  • Personalized Money Map (private or group sessions)
  • 7 additional modular sessions (private or group sessions)
  • EFT/Tapping scripts for each session
  • Additional coaching sessions, if needed, at a discounted rate
  • Unlimited emails for up to 2 months after you finish the program
  • Inclusion into private Facebook group

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My Pledge to you:

I offer and give to each and every one of my clients a relationship built upon:

  • Clarity and support to reach their goals and dreams
  • A means to become successful
  • A bigger picture of the possibilities
  • A belief system
  • Positivity and Heart-Centered
  • Opportunities to do things in a different way
  • Healthier and safer wellness options
  • I hold your vision(s)
  • My expertise and knowledge
  • Accountability- before, during, and after the program
  • In alignment and resonate with each other
  • A sensible and reasonable adjustment to your wants, needs, and speed