imtoobusyI’m too busy working on my own grass to notice if yours is greener… When I was network marketing, everybody thought that they had the best product, comp plan, system, etc.  Not one for trying it for a month and then going to another company because “it didn’t work”, and so on, I stayed with the same company for three years and change.  Working on my business and helping my successline strive to reach their goals.  On a daily basis, I would get facebook messages and emails from people in other companies to switch over to their company, because it “was the best”.  Nonetheless, I stayed with the same company and worked my business.  I was GPSing- Get in, Plug in, & Stay in.  Sure, towards the end of my network marketing gig, I would join the company(ies) that my former leader took part in, but those were short lived- the grass wasn’t greener.

Not fully satisfied with the network marketing world over the years and tired of getting spammed from those who weren’t properly trained, I decided to sell my business and leave network marketing behind.  Now (over the last year or so), I’m planting my own seeds in my coaching/consulting and Reiki business and focusing on growing my own green grass and helping others (small businesses, singles, and those wanting a healthier lifestyle) to do the same.  I’m much happier and feel more satisfied with the work that I am doing and building great relationships.  My grass is greener as are my client’s.

Allow me to help you plant the seeds to work on your own grass.  If you’ve already planted your seeds, allow me to help you fertilize it for a healthier and greener green.  Learn more about me and the work that I do at

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Heart-Centeredly, Len

An Infinite Abundance Of Wealth, Health, & Happiness
* Strategic Attraction Plan Consultant for heart-centered small businesses, self employers, and solopreneurs
* Love Relationships Coach- helping singles attract their True & Everlasting Love
* Advanced Reiki Practitioner- helping those heal physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually using holistic energy therapies
— I establish and accomplish my divine presence and purpose from a heart-centered place on Earth, Universally allowing our infinite freedom for Wealth, Health, & Happiness