My Life Transformation, Part 2

Instead of going through the workbook and describing each section for the 4 days, in which may become boring to some, I will briefly talk about the topics of each day and how it inspired and motivated me and my aha moments through out.

Day 1 of UPW (Unleash The Power Within):  We are in line to get in for the first day.  A hot and humid day, who am I kidding- it was all weekend.  With the long and slow moving lines due to the 14,000 attendees and “strict” bag checking for food, drink, and weapons, the TR volunteer event crew were doing their best to keep us in a positive mindset- chatting with us, high-fiving us, and coming up with friendly contests.  Running through my mind, and continuing from the previous evening’s pre-registration, I can do this, I have what it takes (I think), I want to crew at a future event- what does it entail. 

Getting excited and nervous at the same time (what are we getting ourselves into?) as we approach the main entrance, I’m hearing cheering and high-fiving from within.  Feeling the large amounts of energy and being a sensitive empath, this feeling of overwhelm comes over me (in a good way) and I got choked up with tears.  My sister-in-law notices this and asks me if I’m OK.  Wiping the tears away, I said yes and I am meant to be here this weekend.  Getting past the security check, the A/C was greatly appreciated, and it was our turn- similar to being in a receiving line at a wedding, but in a receiving line of cheering and high-fiving crew members.  It was a great welcoming.

Our first stop was to spend money- purchased our Firewalker T-shirts, caps, and water bottles.  The proceeds go to charity.  The next stop was to the men’s room, to the fountains to fill up our water bottles, then entering the area to find seating.  It is highly suggested that if you are going with family, friends, coworkers, etc., that you don’t sit with each other.  My sister-in-law and I agreed to sit next to each other the first day only.  We chose stage left nose bleeders, five rows from the top.  Being acrophobic, it was not a fun walk for me to our seating.  And I’m thinking to myself, OK and I’m going full out the whole weekend.  Full out includes being fully active- yelling, screaming, singing, cheering, dancing, high-fiving, hugging, massaging, and shaking our asses.  Admittedly, it was awkward at first, especially with strangers of all walks of life, from throughout the US and 72 countries, but a few hours in, the awkwardness went away, as did the fear of our nose bleed seating.

After an extended waiting time, the TR dancers come out and do their thing to music and concert style stage and stadium lighting… then Tony comes out, full of energy and in peak state.  Getting into a peak state and repetition were the main goals for the weekend, especially for Day 1, knowing that at the end of the evening, the dreaded Firewalk would upon us.

First questions asked of us: Why Are You Here?  What are you committed to/intentions for the weekend?  My answer going in was to gain more confidence in myself and build my business.  Committed to helping myself and others to have an abundance of Wealth, Health, & Happiness- Living Life @ 300%! 

We tapped into peak performance, transforming fear into a catalyst for action, overcoming the unconscious fears that were holding us back… it was that time we’ve all been waiting for- 14,000 people taking off their shoes and socks and making their way down the halls, repeating YES!, YES!, YES!, escalators, high-fiving those going up and down, walking through the parking lot, and getting in one of fifty lanes.  Often hearing “fresh coals” from the crew… at 1:04am, I walked over a 12 foot bed of hot coals, achieving the status of a FIREWALKER!  What an experience!  Thanks to the crew who cheered us on and kept us in peak state.  It really was an amazing feeling falling into the arms of an awaiting crew member at the end of the bed as my feet were being hosed down.  Followed by celebrating and high-fives.  Back up to the stadium to meet up with my sister-in-law, congratulating her, and retrieving our belongings.  What an end to our first 14 hour day.

Day 2:  The crew had packaged up the coals from the firewalk and were asking for a small donation for one of his charities.  Of course, we donated and received a packet of coals.  What a great idea.  It became a part of my home office altar. 

Day off for Tony, per doctor’s orders.  Joseph McClendon III takes the stage.  Joseph has the energy of Tony, as he has worked with him for over 20 years, with a humoristic twist.  You will often hear the terms “asstitude”, “you freakin’ rock”, and “shake your ass”.  This day, we worked on receiving clarity and power, success conditioning, to accomplish our goals and dreams.  Finding what we want most in life so we can make key decisions that lead to real results, discovering the steps to changing our lives permanently, and closing the gap between where we are now and where we want to be.

During the day, video clips of Tony’s classes and workshops we shown with powerful messages.  Another long day behind us, with 2 more ahead of us.

Day 3:  Tony is back on stage.  We learned how to integrate key decisions and to move forward with strength and verve without looking back.  Modeling others to master absolutely anything and to trigger global changes in all areas of our lives.  We then uncovered beliefs and inner conflicts that are limiting our lives and learned simple strategies allowing us to achieve results that we want and deserve.

It was truly a life changing experience, and a scary one at that.  We were mentally and emotionally stripped down in stages of what are future would look like and who would be affected if we didn’t make changes in our current lifestyle.  It wasn’t pretty- for me, sure, I screamed, yelled, and cried, but when you are hearing wailing and screams of pain from people nearby and across the stadium, I was feeling empathy for them, and, at the same time thankful that my current lifestyle wasn’t as bad nor as destructive than the others.  One gal behind my sister-in-law threw up from all of her angst.  After that, we went in the opposite direction- our future in different stages if our goals and dreams were manifested and living the life that we choose.  Much more relief this time around, with feelings of love, compassion, and abundance- replacing limiting beliefs with empowering ones the drive us towards the results that we want.

It was the longest day, about 15 hours, and the most physically draining.  Oh, and I haven’t yet mentioned that with the yelling, screaming, and celebrating (going full out) for three days, our throats and voices were trashed.  Sucking on cough drops throughout helped some.

Day 4:  Joseph took the stage again.  Today was about stepping into a fresh new life with vitality and energy.  Living healthier lives through better nutritional habits, exercise, meditation, and psychological strategies to boost our immune systems.  Speakers in the health and wellness industries and those that Tony supports talked about their studies, books, equipment, etc. to support a healthier lifestyle.  It was interesting, to say the least, and for me, the best came at the end when the spiritual healing master took the stage… so rewarding and a great way to end a life changing weekend.

The last of this series, I will delve into what changes I have made and my successes since that event.  This would be approximately 3 months s/p Unleash The Power Within ’17 in NY/NJ.

Until then, enjoy the videos.

Thank you and Do What You Love- Live Life @ 300%!

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