Reiki Certification Classes

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Learn this gentle, “laying on” of hands technique

My Reiki certification classes are available for private, groups, and online.  Being certified in Reiki allows you to work on yourself, family, friends, and clients.  You would be able to start your own Reiki Healing practice.

All certification classes are by appointment only.  Accommodative to each of our schedules on the week days and weekends.  Please allow for two 6-8 hour sessions.  Call or email to schedule dates.  Classes can take place at my home office or your home, center, or space.  Fees are due before the class begins- single or two pay option available.

Reiki Level 1

Fee: $200

Prerequisite:  The desire and intention to help yourself and others.  Reiki 1 training initiates a powerful healing experience.

Class includes:

  • Reiki 1 class manual including the history, purposes, and effects of Reiki; instructions for self-treatment- full body hand placements; the chakra system; intro to crystals; intro to essential oils
  • A guided meditation
  • Giving and receiving a full Reiki treatment
  • Receiving First Degree Reiki Attunements
  • Level 1 Reiki certificate

Reiki Level 2

Fee: $250

Prerequisite: Successfully completed Reiki 1 and have a minimum of 15 Reiki self-healings and a minimum of 21 days after completing Reiki 1 class.

Class includes:

  • Reiki 2 class manual; an Attunement; learning the three Reiki symbols, their specific uses and how to use them to enhance the Reiki energy and your Reiki sessions; learning the hand placements when working on clients, scan and beam the energy; how to perform distance Reiki, more details on working with the chakras, crystals, and essential oils; learning how to protect yourself and your clients
  • A guided meditation
  • Giving and receiving a full Reiki treatment
  • Level 2 Reiki certificate