Our Vision

Keeping aligned with our mission, we would very much like to partner with you to support not only the care and rescue of animals, but to support the future of ballroom dancing.
 Educating people of various opportunities available to help animals encourages them to become more aware of the needs of others and act in a more selfless manner.  We believe this will translate into better teaching and dancing partnerships.

Cruel Free Choices

Ballroom Barks is proud to debut its first advocacy page geared toward awareness of using cruelty free products in your home, on the dance floor, or on your face and body.

Millions of animals are experimented on every year leaving them scarred, mutilated and
experiencing very slow and painful deaths, as well as being skinned alive for fur products.  These horrific experiments can be stopped by us – the consumers.  All of these products can be tested and produced without injuring any of our fellow animal beings residing on this planet.


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