Wealth, Health & Happiness Programs

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Wealth, Health & Happiness Programs

Congratulations on making a decision toward your success!  I’m happy to work with you to achieve a healthier work experience, career opportunity, self-employment, business, personal development, and/or health goals…

I offer three types of holistic wealth, health & happiness programs to help people live a better life authentically.


The first set of programs are for helping the frustrated, struggling, and/or desperate unemployed and underemployed (who are not happy/hate their current job).

My A.I.M. (Aspire.Intend.Manifest.) program is designed to help you find a better opportunity to have a more positive and enjoyable work experience and to create your own economy.

Freeing you from getting caught up in the safety net and settling for just any 1st, 2nd, or 3rd shift job just to make ends meet, just not finding the right opportunity for your desired interests, hating Mondays and looking forward to Friday evenings- an unhealthy combination that can lead to mental and physical illnesses.

This sure-fire solution and positive changes allow you to love what you are doing, creating a lifestyle of wealth, health, & happiness.

See detailed program descriptions and decide which program is best for you.

Conscious Attraction Solutions

The second set of programs are for start-up or established small business owners, self-employers, and solopreneurs.

My Conscious Attraction Solutions programs are designed to get you and your start-up or established business more direction to attract your perfect customers, clients, representatives, etc.

Are You Struggling?

Do you find yourself not knowing where to start? Struggling and overwhelmed? Having a hard time keeping afloat? Running around chasing down prospective clients and customers? Trying to out-do your competitors? Feel overworked and not making ends meet? No longer enjoying your work? Finding no time for your family and friends? Making excuses and blaming the economy or making up other excuses?

Or Barely Keeping Up?

Perhaps instead, your business is doing very well and you are looking to expand- looking for a perfect partner or group of partners, assistants, staff/employees, vendors, etc.

The 5 step Strategic Attraction Plan also allows you to revisit your company’s vision, mission statement, and goals.

The Conscious Attraction Solutions programs give you and your business a new and fresher direction by getting you inspired and motivated, feeling great about yourself and the future of your business, increasing your vibrational energy to higher emotional and vibrational scales, becoming the lighthouse for your company by attracting who is PERFECT for you and your business, allowing you to work smart and afford the time to spend with family and friends, you will be excuse free and making your own economy, allowing you to create and manifest your and your business’ and your personal goals and dreams!

See detailed program descriptions and decide which program is best for you.

Feel Good Now, Get Positive, Motivated, & Confident

The third set of programs are for those who are looking to boost their personal development. 

My Feel Good Now, Get Positive, Motivated, & Confident program will get you feeling good about yourself and your future.

Feeling down and out? Not happy at work or lost your job? Your relationship/marriage is in trouble or over? Financially strapped? Been recently doing, thinking, and feeling negative? No longer feeling inspired or motivated? Feels like “depression” is setting in or already has?

Gain Clarity

An Infinite Abundance of HappinessWith this program, you will gain clarity, overall- starting with getting your goals and dreams out and down on paper, wake up in the morning feeling great and appreciative, feel good and continue to feel better throughout the day, think, feel, do, and emote positivity, finding inspiration and motivation to take steps towards your goals and dreams, facing each new day with confidence!

Read more for a for detailed program description.

Other Programs

Outside of my coaching programs, I also offer Reiki Energy Healing/Certification and Alternative/Holistic options for a healthier you.

Reiki Energy Healing

An Infinite Abundance of HealthReiki, which means “universal life force” energy, is a natural form of healing with its roots in ancient times.

The Reiki system, a gentle “laying on” of hands technique, helps restore balance in our lives and works on a holistic basis.  It promotes well-being on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level, recognizing the body’s ability to heal itself.

Lean more about Reiki Energy Healing and Reiki Certification Classes

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