Leonard (Len) Diana, RMT is a Reiki Master Teacher, Personal & Professional Development Coach, and Essential Oils Wellness Advocate specializing in the treatment in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels, focusing on work-related and financial-related stress and Autoimmune Disorders. He is also a Universal Ordained Minister.

He received his Law Of Attraction certification from Christy Whitman’s Quantum Success Coaching Academy, Reiki Level 1- Master Teacher Certificates, Fit4Love Relationship Coaching, Strategic Attraction Coaching and Training Certifications, Tibetan Singing Bowl/Sound Healing certificate, AromaTouch Certification, Access Bars Consciousness, Tapping Into Wealth, and Knowledge Brokers Blueprint certification. Len developed “Do What You Love”, a coaching program helping people find self-employment/entrepreneurship and/or a career that they are passionate about.

Len spent 20 years in the medical field as an Ophthalmic Assistant/Technician and has family and colleagues that are doctors, nurses, and holistic healthcare practitioners. He knew that he has always wanted to help people feel and get better, yet, wasn’t too keen on western medicine practices- he’s seen too much over the years.

After graduating from the University of Connecticut in 1989, with a BFA in Graphic Design, and helping out with medical billing for a local ophthalmic practice, Len was asked if he wanted to join the team and train to become an ophthalmic assistant. It interested him, and thus began his journey in the field of ophthalmology.

By 2005, many things have changed- He was going from practice to practice, the doctors were becoming more concerned about bringing in the green, his co-workers were getting petty, arguing with each other, and had little to no morale, and the patients became more demanding and complained about the long wait times (who can blame them for that?). Going into work, he would often get stress-related chest pains.

To relieve his overall stress, he started receiving Reiki Energy treatments every three weeks from a co-worker who had been certified. He spent his lunch time meditating in his car to reduce the day-to-day stress. After a few sessions of Reiki and consistent meditation practice, he was starting to feel better. Len continued with both practices for a couple of years. To this day, he truly believes that the Reiki Energy treatments and meditating literally saved his life!

In 2010, having a burning desire to explore self-employment options, Len was committed to make that happen. He searched online for opportunities that interested him and was offered 5 free coaching sessions. Those sessions allowed him to become more positive and gained clarity, leading to his Law Of Attraction coaching certification.

In 2015, Len developed a program to help people find a work experience or entrepreneurship opportunities that they had passion for- doing what they love.

Len’s mission and purpose is to bring Wealth, Health, and Happiness to his clients, reducing/releasing stress, dis-ease, and negative paradigms, leading to Living Life @ 300%! His goal is to build professional relationships, collaborations, and partnerships with Holistic & Alternative professionals to help 1,111,111+ people with their health and well-being, globally.

He sees the body as the most intelligent reflection of healing wisdom ever created. His goal is to help every single client that he works with to reconnect with that inner wisdom to not only live life with less or no pain, and a life of meaning and joy. He gives of his time, attention, love, concern, and Heart-Centeredness.

Len is married to his wife, Dawn, and has 2 fur babies, Primrose and Olive. His interests include meditating, wine tasting, reading/audio listening, networking, and travelling.

learn about Len Diana Reiki practioner, law of attraction expertOutside of Coaching and Reiki, is my other passion- Competitive Ballroom Dancing. I started in 1989, met my now wife, Dawn, and competed in over 200 competitions as an amateur couple and with my instructors for 15+ years, becoming National Amateur Champions along the way. After “retiring” from competing, we have and currently officiate at ballroom dance competitions throughout the United States. The enthusiasm, camaraderie, friendships, and energy in the world of dance is amazing!

I establish and accomplish my divine presence and purpose from a heart-centered place on earth. I am the Lighthouse for Wealth, Health, & Happiness- Living Life @ 300%

– Len

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