My Story

I can share with you a few defining moments and the compelling results that brought me to where I am today, coaching people like you- wanting a lifestyle change creating Wealth, Health, & Happiness- Living Life at 300%.

The Moment that Changed My Life

The defining moment in my life happened in 2005.  I had been an ophthalmic assistant/technician for 16 years, at that point.  For the first 5 years or so, it was interesting and enjoyable, for the most- getting certified, working for caring doctors, working with happy coworkers, and working with grateful patients, no matter what their conditions were.

Increasing Stress

Thereafter, and over the next 15 years, many things have changed- I was going from practice to practice, the doctors were somewhat caring with their staff and patients, but seemed to care more about bringing in the green.

The stress increased as the years went by- working up more patients (double and triple booking their appointments), patients losing their patience with a longer wait (up to 2 – 3 hours, who could blame them?), staff morale was decreasing drastically as complaints and arguing amongst us was increasing, patients telling us how to do our jobs, etc.

Impacting Health

Fortunately, for me, I got along with almost all of my coworkers in each of the practices that I worked at.  I was someone that they could talk to, quite often, personal issues, and was told that I was a great listener.

Unfortunately, for me, in two different practices, the stress and workload started to affect my health, physically and emotionally, getting chest pains and negative minded.  I was too young to have high blood pressure and chest pains- my body was telling me to find other employment or my health will continue a downward spiral.

A Fateful Choice

To relieve some of the stress, I started to receive Reiki treatments every few weeks from a coworker and meditating during my lunch breaks, just to get through the work day.

Getting back to 2005- that is when I had decided that I wanted to become self- employed, as I was tired of the stress, unhealthy conditions, and wasting my time and energy making my bosses rich while I was barely surviving.

Law Of Attraction Expert

In 2010, having a burning desire to my self-employment commitment, I started searching online.  I was offered 5 free coaching sessions.  Those sessions allowed me to become more positive and gave me more clarity.  Peaking my interest, after all, I was a great listener and liked to solve others’ problems, I found a reputable Law Of Attraction coaching certification course.  It just happened to be the same one that my coach was going through.  I took the year-long course and became certified, while working full time!  Yes, this was my calling!

Finally, Self Employed

Just before getting my Law Of Attraction certification, I got myself into another network marketing business.  I was more successful this time around.  Things were getting really bad for me at work- my choices were to quit or get fired- fortunately, the latter occurred.

I finally felt free with the stress and tension leaving my neck and shoulders the second I walked out of the door.  At least, I was able to collect unemployment while working to build up my coaching and marketing businesses- YES, totally self-employed!

Authentic and Heart-Centered

Over the past few years, I have been working with clients for personal development, mostly on a pro bono basis, and racking up the hours.  My next commitment was to become the most authentic and heart-centered coach that I could be- not only helping myself and my clients’ economy, but others that we encounter along the way, as well as our environment.  It’s my goal to positively and energetically affect an infinite number of people and our world, as a whole.  To accomplish this, I continue to further my coaching skills with top notch coaches.

In 2013

I became a Certified Fit4love relationships coach, having the desire to help singles find their soul mates using practical and systematic methods outside of the bar scene and online dating sites.

In 2014

After meeting and talking to the author of one of my favorite books “Attracting Perfect Customers” at a convention in November 2013, I enrolled in her SACAT certification program as a Strategic Attraction Plan coach and became certified as well as continuing on with her Mastery program.  With this certification, I help small businesses to consciously attract their PERFECT relationships.

From May 2013 – December 2014, I achieved certifications in Usui Reiki 1, 2, Advanced (Master), and Master Teacher- helping people feel better and balanced physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

An Infinite Abundance

Realizing that I couldn’t conceivably help everyone in their careers, finances, confidence/self-esteem, etc. as a generic Law Of Attraction coach, in 2014, I decided to rebrand An Infinite Abundance, and keeping true to the theme and message that I have developed, being authentic and heart-centered, helping you create Wealth, Health, & Happiness by Doing What You Love- Living Life @ 300%.

In the summer of 2015, I became very concerned with the high rates of unemployment- nationwide, at 5.3% and underemployment (those who dislike/hate their jobs), at a whopping 70-80%.  All of this negativity concerns me greatly- it takes a toll in the workforce, in families, increased stress levels and heart related illnesses, and our environment as a whole.  I developed a program helping people attract and enjoy a work experience/career that they enjoy doing.

I am a co-author of an ebook called “Creating Relationships & Family With Courage & Compassion” and is free to my subscribers.

Dancing Through Life

learn about Len Diana Reiki practioner, law of attraction expertOutside of Coaching and Reiki, is my other love- Competitive Ballroom Dancing.  I started in 1989, met my now wife, Dawn, and competed in over 200 competitions as an amateur couple and with my instructors for 15+ years, becoming National Amateur Champions along the way.  After “retiring” from competing, we have and currently officiate at ballroom dance competitions throughout the United States.  The enthusiasm, camaraderie, friendships, and energy in the world of dance is amazing!

I establish and accomplish my divine presence and purpose from a heart-centered place on earth. I am the Lighthouse for Wealth, Health, & Happiness- Living Life @ 300%

– Len